Cheap Health Insurance: Is It Possible To Get Cheap Health

Cheap Health Insurance: Is It Possible To Get Cheap Health

Cheap Health Insurance: Is It Possible To Get Cheap Health Care Plans for Single Moms?

Living without health insurance is like trekking the Saharan Desert without any water. You may not be thirsty during the start of your trek but there will come a time where you will need water to survive. A lot of people who neglected getting health insurance have suffered a lot especially on their finances. And, it can be worse for single moms or parents out there.

Although finding cheap health care plans for single moms is not really that easy to do, it is still possible to do so. So, if you are a single mom and you are looking for a cheap health care plan for you and your child, then here are some of the tips that you should remember.

As a single mom, you need to remember that when you shop around for cheap health insurance, do not get one that has a low deductible. Although a low deductible on a health care plan can be attractive at first, you need to consider the fact that lower deductibles mean higher rates. You may want to remember the law of physics where every action will have an equal opposite reaction. This means that if you want lower rates, you should try to go for higher deductibles. This will definitely help you get lower premium rates.

Another thing that you need to remember about getting health insurance for single moms is the co pay. The co pay is the amount the insurance company and you will share during your visit to the doctor. Like the high deductible, lower co pay on your side will mean higher rates. This is because the insurance company will need to offset the premium loss. If you want lower rates, then you need to settle for higher co pay on your end.

You have to remember that cheap health insurance doesnt mean free health insurance. You need to keep in mind that insurance companies are also businesses that don’t give something without something in return. They need to profit. Although health insurance companies do try to give cheaper health insurance for single moms, they still have to profit from the deals.

If you really want to get the best possible rate for your health insurance as well as the best coverage possible, then you may want to shop around for it. You will be surprised as to how the rates differ from one company to the other with the same health care plan. Remember these things and you can be sure that you will be able to find the best health care plan for single moms.