Exercises to Reduce Waist

Exercises to Reduce Waist

Reduce Waist

A small waist is very attractive and has become the impossible dream of many women who make everything to make a few inches lower. But, as always is good to know that the ideal dimensions of each person will depend on the medical history age and structure.

In the market there are a variety of special products that they claim will eliminate those love handles forever. According to experts in the field, the effects of these products are not eternal and only with exercise and good nutrition can be achieved.

As for the exercises that can help you have a small waist are the convolutions, which are performed with the legs slightly apart and raising arms. We must breathe deeply and bend your torso to one side as much as you can without bending.

When you return to the front lower arms, touched the ground and continues to make the circle complete. This exercise should be repeated five times in each direction.

With twists also work the muscles that almost never move. Likewise, stop working with your legs slightly apart and with hands on hips gently flexed knees. Turn the waist as much as possible to the right and then left, back straight, moving only from the waist up, not the hip.

Another way to reduce the waist, again with legs slightly apart and knees without bending, with a straight back, cross your arms. The trunk is flexed forward, performing a twist to the right and left arm extended to touch the opposite ankle. Then you need to straighten up and do the reverse.

When doing these exercises is to inhale and exhale to be up when flexed. These exercises can be performed at home three times a week and is recommended to supplement with a balanced diet low in fat, waist to be thinner.
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