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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff.

  1. How do I register myself or my children for FITNESS and FUN! classes ?
  2. Where can I find class descriptions and times ?
  3. Is babysitting available during all aerobic classes?
  4. Who are the instructors ?
  5. What is the difference between free play and TUMBLETYKES! ?

How do I register myself or my children for F&F classes?

You can register either in person, over the phone by calling 614-751-FITT (3488), or by downloading and mailing in the registration form available on the ''Downloadables'' page of this website.

Where can I find class descriptions and times ?

Class descriptions and times are available via this website, as well as by calling our customer support personnel at 614-751-FITT (3488).

Is babysitting available during all aerobic classes ?

No. Babysitting is available during most adult group exercises classes only. Please contact us to determine the March schedule.

Who are the instructors ?

Each of the F&F! instructors have extensive experience in designing the classes they teach. In addition, all F&F! instructors are licensed with their appropriate governing agency (i.e. USGA).

Tumbletykes! is a structured class with an excellent teacher:child ratio. Detailed instruction in the basics of tumbling is made available to each child for correct learning of tricks. In addition, parents are taught how to teach and even "spot" their child''s tricks!

Open gym is less structured, although still supervised. This environment allows young children to explore our gym and become acquainted with different types of equipment.

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