Hello Beauties! - Sweet Simple Health

Hello Beauties! - Sweet Simple Health

Yet again, its been a month since Ive written anything on here. Man, I have to get my butt into gear! This past month has been pretty laid back, but oh so relaxing!

The end of June was pretty much my last time this Summer to truly relax and not worry about ANYTHING school related. At the beginning of July my husband and I went to a friends wedding and had so much fun! This couple had just started dating when my husband and I got married almost two years ago. She caught my bouquet and he caught the garter. Now they are married! So happy for them!

Since the wedding was on July 3rd, the 4th of July was pretty casual for us. We spent time with family, played outdoor volleyball at a BBQ, watched the fireworks in our town and ended the night cooking smores (my absolute favorite) with his family. Overall it was such a wonderful day celebrating the freedom of our country and truly enjoying time with family.

The next week I subbed a lot for Summer school and have been doing that off and on for a couple weeks. Man, I do not want to go back! I need more Summer! My friend and I (we live like 2 minutes from each other) have picked up walking in the early mornings before she goes to work. Its such a blessing because she is a woman of faith and its simply wonderful to have someone to talk to with the same beliefs.

My mom had her birthday last week and to celebrate it, she went skydiving on Saturday! Im so proud of her! I went for my 21st birthday and I need to do it again soon. Its such a freeing and indescribable experience. After that, we all went and had a BBQ for the rest of the day. Our dog LOVED playing in the water.

My dads birthday was yesterday, and we all went out to dinner. It was wonderful for everyone to get together to celebrate him. Even though my parents are divorced, its amazing how special time is with both of them on their own. My husband has his own special relationship with each of them, as well as with my sisters, and it just fills my heart with joy to see him fit so perfectly within my family.

Speaking of how A M A Z I N G my husband is.its our 2 year anniversary next Monday. I could not be more excited! Heres a few pictures from our wedding (the best day of my life thus far).

Well thats pretty much all for today. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Welcome! I''m Karissa with a passion for health and fitness. I''m on a journey to become a certified health coach. I’m so glad you’re here!

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