personal fitness facts

personal fitness facts

Personal Fitness Facts

Personal fitness is a very good option for people who do not have the time to go to the gym. This article presents personal fitness facts. I gathered these from fitness trainers and people who are trying to lose weight. Even when you are trained, warm lightly before tackling the really hard exercises.

Research indicates that static stretching can reduce muscle wasting. We recommend practicing the facelift. You can stretch the entire body in 20 or 30 minutes. Select a weight that allows you to make 4 or 5 continuous repetitions. You''ll be surprised how much weight you can use for high reps.

The best time to train according to some studies is noon. Body temperature is higher at that time of day. By training at noon, muscles have a higher temperature, hence they are always stronger than the cooler hours of the day. Coincidentally a beer or a glass of wine with meals does not hurt, but the routine use of the drink will be detrimental to your physique. Besides the internal damage that occurs, alcohol decreases your appetite, provides empty calories and can overload the liver, sometimes very bad.

If you need to train hard and recover you should not drink alcohol, since drinking these drinks always backfires. A muscle group will grow faster as a result of heavy bombing base for one or two exercises. A variety of exercises for the same group in the same session does not lead to profits faster, in terms of volume and muscle strength. 8 hours of sleep are essential for the body to recover and grow. Some people who train very hard may even require 9 hours of sleep.

Use a food supplement in powder rather than skip a meal or eat "junk foods". Work biceps and triceps the same day. Consume amino acids to enhance the VB of the protein consumed and thus reduce the chances of having deficiencies in some amino acids. Try the shoulder blades together at the end range of exercises and rowing tiron. Maintain a moderate arch for optimum posture back.

If you can not raise your chin above the bar to do chin-ups, do not worry, you must rely to bring it closer to four fingers. Replace your regular exercise bench by one inclined at 20 to 25 degrees, keeping the same weight. The results will amaze you. Do not let much time elapse between breakfast and dinner the day before, remember that the body should not go long without any food.

Instead of a narrow grip, one width will give you more stability. Take 50 to 75 g carbohydrate 20 to 45 min after training. This will help you make up glycogen stores. The most common mistake among beginners is usually overtraining. Be careful not to train neither more nor less than you can. If you overtrain, you will limit your progress; try to train according to your level of training intensity. Recent studies indicate that the loading phase of creatine monohydrate is not as necessary as it was thought some years ago.