2011  June  Simply Health and Wellness - Pain Relief

2011 June Simply Health and Wellness - Pain Relief

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There are very few things that are more aggravating than experiencing pain in your back.

Lower back pain can really throw off your daily routing and leave you laid up for days. Back pain is a serious problem that is harmful to both younger and older individuals. Chronic back pain can be a sign of more serious problems that are to come. Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to prevent back pain.

Avoid straining your muscles and ligaments

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In the UK, arthritis is a very common condition, affecting over nine million people.

There are 206 bones in the adult human body and each and every one is linked to another bone or bones by a Joint. Every one of these joints is a candidate for arthritis in one of its many forms. If you are suffering from Joint Pain, there is more than a 50% chance that the cause is arthritis. It is especially prevalent in older people, as osteoarthritis is the result of degenerative wear and tear in the cartilage and senovial fluid which cushions the bones where they rub together.

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For temporary relief of minor aches & pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.

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