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Affordable Health Insurance For Children and families. Why dont we have more mental health help for teens? Most insurance does not pay for residential treatment, unless a child has a physical disability or does drugs there is virtually no affordable help for them. So when you see the news and a teen has done something horrible, you ask yourself why the parents didnt do something? Because if you cant afford 0 per day then help is minimal at best. As a society and as parents I ask you write your congressmen, senators heck the president and demand there be better resources for children who have behavior problems, OCD, poor impulse control, pre-anti-social disorder and numerous other conditions that go under treated or untreated and keep our children out of juvenile prisons.

I dont live in your country, but I sympathise with your plight. I dono Does anyone know where I can find good, and affordable health coverage? I have a family of 5 in Tx, and we make decent money but dont have the resources for a group plan. We have to pay 0-0 per month just in regular medical coverage. We are all healthly but, everytime my children get sick its + per visit.. Are there any websites or known insurance agencies that provide any coverage cheap, and good coverage. Thanks a billion.. good night

my husband is contract so group is not offered, and I am 1099.. so the same..

I am not sure about state changes for Blue Cross Blue Shield , but they are offering a special enrollment right now.

I think the web site is

if not check on google for blue cross blue shield of texas it will probably be

good luck! I feel your pain...we pay 0 a month for fam of four. but my copay is not as high as yours. I am in Texas, you or your husband not work for a company that has to offer insurance?? You should never have to pay more than 20.00 for a co-pay?? Surely one of you can get into group coverage of some kind. ANY individual policy bought will always be soooo expensive. I know people who work 20 hours a week at Starbucks just to get the insurance that is so affordable offered by Starbucks.....let me hear from you if you cant get it worked need to be careful also which company you pick.....for example...Humana is hated by hospitals

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