Juicing for Weight Loss - Healthy Living Wire

Juicing for Weight Loss - Healthy Living Wire

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Jackie Bargas

The article aims to tackle the importance of juicing fruits and vegetables in the process of weight loss. Fruits and vegetables and the most efficient foods for weight loss and that juicing them is an alternative method to preserve their nutrients.

It is a general fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are main sources of good nutrients for the body to facilitate good health and ideal weight. Although this fact is known by many people, some still find eating these food products undesirable and impractical. Such is the concern of many lazy individuals who want to achieve weight loss the easy way.

Fruits and vegetables should not just be considered a choice but a need for the body in order to function normally. At one point or another, the body needs detoxification and cleansing, thus these are the best agents to provide safe and healthy body cleansing.

If eating fruits and vegetables can be quite inconvenient, one way to solve this dilemma is by juicing them. Actually, they can turn into delicious healthy smoothies and cocktails that can be drunk instead of eaten.

The idea of consuming fruits and vegetables through juicing can be more convenient and if this becomes more palatable for you, then weight loss can be much easier.

1. Use only raw, organic vegetables. You want to avoid toxins and add enzymes. Superfoods are key to getting as many nutrients as possible. Examples: carrots, kale, cucumbers, acai berries, etc.

2. While juicing, it is important to stay active. As you lose weight water weight, toxins, fluid retained due to inflammation, etc., you want to keep moving with some light to moderate exercise. You want to lose fat and toxins, not muscle. Also, your lymph system has no pump to save your feet, so get moving.

3. Maximize your budget. Buy local, organic vegetables and fruits that are in season. They are fresher and cheaper, allowing you to extend the amount of time you can juice.

4. Research recipes. Be sure you are getting more vegetables than fruits so that you dont offset your work by increasing insulin levels. This is where youll need to add things like avocado, chia or flax seeds, protein powder, banana, nuts. You want to be sure youre eating a balanced diet. Branch out. This is a great time to get your digestive tract some new material. Consider juicing veggies you wouldnt like to eat. Beats, for example, are a powerhouse of nutrition, with lots nutrients you dont find from many other sources. They are delicious juiced or in a smoothie.

5. Be sure all of your avenues of elimination are working properly sweat daily, move your bowels, drink plenty of water to urinate frequently and flush out those toxins. Its not uncommon for women to experience a shorter cycle after juicing. This usually means you have eliminated some of that stored estrogen, another marker your juicing was a success. Consider taking some baseline readings before and after your adventure, such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, measurements, etc.

Juicing for weight loss is indeed a healthy, effective and inexpensive way to keep the body healthy and energized. Even when taken in huge amounts, it will not allow weight gain. In fact, more toxins are taken out from the body.

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