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How Can Holistic Nutrition Help Me?

Please see what to expect for detailed description.

Grocery Store Tour (60-90 minutes): 60$Have Ryan accompany you to your favorite grocery market and learn how to shop like a nutritionist!  Includes package on reading ingredient/nutritional information labels, how to avoid being tricked by product marketing, plus more. 

Kitchen Makeover (60-90 minutes): 60$Ryan will go through your kitchen pantry and fridge and (nicely) teach you what to keep, what you’d be better off without, and what to buy instead.  Together we will create a health shopping list.

Perfect for those interested in getting healthy and looking to make some great first steps.

A comprehensive package perfect for those looking to gain a solid foundation and create real change in their health.

Kitchen Makeover + Grocery Store Tour: 100$ (Save 20$)

Student Discount? Of course! 10% off all services*** Long distance consultation can be conducted over skype*** For grocery tour and home visits a travel fee may apply based on location

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